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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Specializing in Carpet Cleaning in the Greater Contra Costa County

Our staple service, carpet cleaning.

Thanks for considering Start Fresh Restoration to be your carpet cleaning service

Start Fresh Restoration has offered Carpet Cleaning since 1987. You may remember us as The Carpet Connoisseurs. We are confident we can bring life back to even the dirtiest of carpets. For a better understanding of the complexities and an in-depth look into today’s carpet cleaning, read on. It’ll help you to become a better-informed consumer. We will explain the best method of carpet cleaning available today and tell you why. You will also get a look at how to shop for a competent operator, so you get what you need from a cleaning.

Misconceptions about Carpet Cleansers

A residue is a residue no matter if it’s a general cleanser residue, green, VOC compliant or eco-friendly cleanser that creates it. Ultimately, they will all need to be rinsed away. Thorough extraction will prevent pre-mature soiling and assure a healthy indoor living environment. Contrary to popular belief, ALL cleaning companies use chemicals, or nothing would come clean again! It’s a secure feeling knowing all cleansers (including eco-friendly or green products) we use, are still rinsed away in the extraction process.

Similarly, you rinse your dishes, clothes or hair after using your preferred cleanser. By the way, did you know that water is the earth’s most widely used solvent? For the record, cleaning detergents we use are far safer than the regular household detergents we use daily to bathe. And even better yet, in regards to our cleansers, you’ll never even touch them. We would be happy to use whatever kind of product you’d prefer. Understanding people have reactions and are sensitive to different chemicals (EPA registered, Eco-friendly, or not), we will make sure you get what you need for balance.

Method of choice

We use the latest truck mounted technology and only the highest quality professional cleansers. That means you’ll get an amazingly clean carpet with complete removal of all soil and residues. The same is true for green environmentally responsible cleaners. Your carpet will feel soft and fresh, and truly clean.  They will dry in a matter of hours, not days, EVEN IN RAINY WEATHER.

Start Fresh Restoration is a pioneer company of professional carpet cleaning. We are part of the discovery, evolution and continual progression of carpet cleaning/restorations 50-year history. We know tricks of the trade as well as cleanser compatibility and safety around children and pets. It’s important to remember we are a fully certified company by the IICRC in all four cleaning disciplines available today. The IICRC is the non-profit Guardian of the cleaning and restoration industry. Recognition of our Certified Firm status, machinery, method, tricks of the trade and reputation qualifies us as one of the few Manufacture Warranty Approved Firms around. With that said, truck mounted Steam Cleaning with our method and education, is the ONLY method approved by manufacturers worldwide.

Customer Satisfaction

We are proud to have an online presence that speaks for itself. We pledge to keep ourselves in check by addressing any concerns you may have following our service to you. Call and let us know you have any questions. It helps you and in doing so, may catch an unforeseen issue we have with equipment failure. The plan is for your experience to be a win-win for both parties. We stand behind our work! Online, you will find Start Fresh Restoration “A” rated or “extremely high” in customer satisfaction. See Diamond Certified, Angie’s List, and Better Business Bureau for example. As you will discover, Diamond Certified knows our business ethics so well that they guarantee our work as well. Check them out online at