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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

                       Owner Operator Scott Sunkel, a 32 year veteran, is known as an industry leader that provides the highest level of service and customer satisfaction. Transparency is the key, so pick a topic that interests you

Established and operated in 1987 by the same owner, Scott Sunkel. Transparency has always been our way. We believe that’s what has stood the test of time and what that statement is backed by the educational governing body of IICRC™. In fact, it is also backed by the unbiased consumer rating reporting agencies of Diamond Certified™, BBB™ and Consumer Affairs. Not only that, but see the numerous testimonials throughout local web sites from realtors, Angieslist™, Nextdoor™ and more. Scott and wife Tami have proven their commitment, worth, and value as educated, informed, professional contractors through the years. So much so in fact, not only does the company guarantee their workmanship, but so does Diamond Certified™, making it safe to choose us.

Credibility is number 1 with us

Diamond Certified’s four ongoing audits on Start Fresh Restoration are solid! The first audit includes “us” reporting our annual contracts to DC. In turn, DC calls a random selection of them for a satisfaction rating.  Next they’ll obtain any “claims” from complaint bureaus like BBB and Consumer Affairs and perform background checks on us. They also contact all our insurance carriers to assure validity and that we are insured for what we say we are. Lastly, we’re checked for personal financial stability. If after all processes meet a 90%+ customer satisfaction rating and all other criteria is met, the company is then approved for Diamond Certified status. FYI, most fail! We ask to be audited so the consumers can feel confident in choosing us. We’re confident in our business ethics and workmanship.


                  The question constantly arises, “Do you use chemicals?” How about the answer to that be the truth about responsible cleaning!

If you’re looking for transparency, the answer is yes we do! That’s true with ALL carpet, tile, grout, stone, upholstery, and wool rug cleaners around the world! Did you know? Or have you been mislead? We need detergents to break down soils in flooring and fabrics just as we need shampoo, dish soap, detergents for our body, dishes and clothes to come clean. We all know, water (earths most universal solvent, chemical), by itself won’t emulsify soils/oils completely on its own, nor will it uphold your warranties. Companies that lead consumers to believe otherwise have compromised their integrity to get a foot in the door to make a buck (most of them with no regard to education, your health or outcome in mind). Thus the reasoning of why carpets seem to get dirty faster after a cleaning.

Make no mistake. Whether organic or not, detergents/cleansers (chemicals) are a necessary part of any cleaning. However, you’ll be happy to know our cleansers (detergents, organic or not, chemicals) that your job requires to emulsify soils are far less toxic than what you’re currently using to wash your dishes, cloths, hair, car, dog and body with, and they’re all rinsed away in our deep steam cleaning extraction process! There are no illusions of clean, they are truly deeply cleaned and will stay clean as prescribed. What you should be asking when shopping is, does the person/company use them responsibly and are they educated in terms of their compatibility so there are no effects from cleansers after the cleaning (no residues or toxins). That answer is yes with us! Some choose us for this reason.

We are 3 decades deep in our expertise. We are not only a certified company, but a Certified Firm, qualifying us to uphold manufacturer warranties world wide.

Given our 30+ years in business, we are considered pioneers of the industries 5 decade existence. Some choose us because we are one of very few companies in the bay area of authority to uphold warranties.  We have evolved with the industry learning from personal research and development. Our continual education has taught us tricks of the trade few have learned allowing us to succeed where most fail. Our schooling has taught us proper use and compatibility of detergents that are safe and effective around children and pets. We’ve had the time to use all four methods of cleaning.  Though they all had their strong points during the evolution, today we know steam cleaning with a truck mounted unit and a responsible tech is hands down the king of cleaning and quality.

In addition to our own research and knowledge base we’ve been continually educated by the IICRC most of our career. We are certified in all 4 methods of cleaning offered in todays market. Long story short, the IICRC is the only governing body for our industry. That’s right, there are no contractors license offered/demanded to operate a cleaning business. You could start one today! So, without self discipline to get education and responsibility to seek the chemistry, it’s highly likely you’re going to end up with toxic residues solutions in your seemingly cleaned items, seriously! Not only are we IICRC certified, but given that our knowledge runs decades deep, plus our method of choice, we are recognized as a “Certified Firm”, thus our ability to uphold your warranties.

Being a passionate homeowner/contractor and restoration specialist, I’m clear on having the best tools for the job. Start Fresh Restoration enjoys use of the latest technology in both cleansers and machinery.

Through time, we’ve learned you get what you pay for. It’s crucial to use quality if you’re offering quality. That said, our tools will always improve as our industry grows and learns. Our tools will always be top of the line and functional! Therefore, our system won’t ever be compromised! Not only do we choose top of the line equipment and cleansers, but our constant maintenance and continual education assures we are operating at our peak. That said, our service reputation, passion, knowledge and cleaning method has been recognized by leading manufacturers and has earned us the title of being a “Certified Firm”. We are one of only a handful of companies locally, capable of upholding consumers warranties. This is true with over 95% of manufacturers, happy bout that.

With us, you’ll get a two person crew at no extra charge and it’ll always be myself and my wife Tami at your service, because we like it that way!

If urine or extreme staining of any kind is your issue, browse through the site and relax…we have the knowledge to remove the most stubborn stains on on any carpeting, rugs, upholstery and even stone. We are very passionate about our work and your satisfaction. We are known to succeed where most fail. As mentioned above, not only do we guarantee our workmanship, but so does the rating company Diamond Certified that keeps us on our toes requiring us to be customer rated (surrender all our contracts for them to call our customers to rate us) yearly through their stringent audit program.

There is more to this business than meets the eye! Our feeling has always been to maintain energy and fitness levels that allow us to work all day without fatigue.

Fatigue brings on compromise in workmanship, compromise is the catalyst for deceit/greed and soon becomes bad habits in daily actions. Habits are hard to break if not impossible. That’s why we choose to take the easy road. We stay fit, live clean and are responsible for our actions. Our diet is strict and that assists in ridding body from disease. We hate unnecessary chemicals and choose to know that what were is safe and compatible with other products and rinsing.

As you may have gathered from our various slideshows on the site, I’m passionate about the restoration of all things and owning a successful business. It allows me an opportunity to prove that the superior businesses of today are the ones that tell all openly and to do so with pride, integrity, responsibility, good morals and honesty. I believe the new business generation is calling it transparency and sustainability. I hope we had some influence with one or two of them! Staying small as owners\operators makes that easy. It truly is living the dream in my eyes.

Lastly, the best advise I can offer

When you’re shopping around, make sure you shop the individual that’ll be coming out to do the work! If you can’t find anything about them, lose the number, your compromised health is not worth the risks! They’re in it for all the wrong reasons. You will most likely waste a bunch of money and worse, have unexplained health issues down the road. It’s about the knowledge, passion, integrity, reliability and tricks of the trade to get what you’re paying for.