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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Start Fresh Restoration

– formerly The Carpet Connoisseurs
Same owner/operator

Tami and I grew up in the Contra Costa County area  (Lafayette) and have grown many lasting relationships through our years here. We have a passion for the outdoors and healthy living. Tami is a master gardener, and I pretend I am. We have a lot of fun getting out in the morning together to plant and watch our fruits and veggies progress to harvest. Our idea of a good time has little to do with 5-star restaurants and accommodations, but rather getting out to a campsite or bungalow in the middle of the wilderness, off the grid, and getting a little dirty climbing a mountain to see how far the view from the top will allow.

We’re both happy we have such an active job and lifestyle to assist in our fitness. After work, we focus on our strength and nutrition in order to maintain our outdoor passions. Our idea is to keep a level of fitness that allows us the ability to climb the mountain vs just look up at it. We’re always looking for adventure!

I got into cleaning and restoration over three decades ago when settling in on a sustainable career. I learned through team sports, construction, socializing and woodworking that my passions were about being a team player, restoration, fitness, and communications. Fixing and breathing life back into things was natural to me. Whether it be a car, house, myself, yard, carpets or whatever, I feel the need to bring it back and make it as good as it ever was or better. The question was what was going to support my physical energy level and not be seasonal work. The answer came to me by accident when I took a job as a carpet cleaner to get the bills paid while I was looking for a fitting career. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was already doing what I wanted. Very soon after, came the birth of my own business and living the dream!

Tami, who works with me in the field, has always had a passion for hard work as well and has held jobs most often filled by males. Before working with me, she was a Crossfit fitness coach and top-level athlete making runner-up for the Crossfit Games, Masters Division. I couldn’t ask for a better well rounded and enthusiastic partner to assist me with jobs, and better yet, to go through life. I am truly blessed!