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Welcome to Start Fresh Restoration

      Our cleaning Services Include:

   Stone  Tile  Grout  Hardwood            Carpet   Rugs   Upholstery  Leather

           Honing – Cleaning – Sealing – Polishing                           Clean – Condition – Protect – Repair 

Owner Operated since 1987

You may remember us as “Carpet Connoisseurs” however we changed the name some years ago to better

suit the diversity of our ever growing services to meet the needs and demands of today’s cleaning businesses.

We are a Diamond Certifiedcustomer rated” flooring and fabric care company. In addition, we’re a certified flooring restoration “firm” with our governing body, IICRC. As such, Start Fresh Restoration is trusted by Shaw Industries and leading manufacturers to perform warranty work. Only 10% of all carpet cleaning companies nation wide have earned that trust. Start Fresh Restoration abides by a business code of ethics and are certified in all 4 methods of cleaning. Manufactures expectations of us are simple, do what’s right, in a cost effective and safe manor without voiding the warranty. In other words, carry on! You can feel confident we are in business to do the same for you. If dog urine, pet odors or permanent staining is a concern, relax! The results you’ll see in our videos are real and our prices affordable.


We are confident you will see that our tricks of the trade allow us to succeed where most fail. Our ongoing education, cleaning system and compatible child safe cleansers will guarantee the best in cleaning, health and value. We’re very passionate about restoration and our customers wellbeing. That said, we look forward to working with you now and in the future.

Get to know Start Fresh Restoration

The question constantly arises, “Do you use chemicals?” How about the answer to that, be the truth about responsible cleaning! 

Be aware of sales tactics advertised in the media. The facts are, all carpet, tile, grout, stone and upholstery cleaners use detergents! If none were used, it’d be called vacuuming. All cleaning agents we use are as safe as bath soaps and toothpaste, for their intended use. Detergents are used to break down the surface tensions of soils. Equally, consumers use dish detergent and hygiene cleansers as a first step in soil removal. To accomplish a good cleaning, detergents don’t need to be unsafe, as is the case in todays cleaning lines that we use. Our lines consist of Eco friendly (green), child safe (all), VOC compliant, EPA registered and hypo allergenic detergents.  You can feel confident knowing we are well versed in their compatibility and safe use. No matter what cleansers we use they are all rinsed out and left residue free.

Being certified in all cleaning methods, we know truck mounted deep steam cleaning processes control the market! And for good reason! This process will promote longevity in the cleaning as well as product life. Knowledge is power and we choose to educate those wanting to make informed decisions. Building a solid working relationship with our customers never bites us in the butt! That said, if you have a concern about the safety of our products or have health sensitive issues to certain products, ask away! On that note, if you have a hesitation about the right method for you, we’ll point you to the research. It’s about your needs! We’ll have some healthy discussions and solutions tailored to your needs that don’t cost extra. All that said, you don’t have to have us use cleansers at all, if you prefer.