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"My feeling on business and work in general is to use business as a vehicle to achieve change where I see fit, create a balance in my life that promotes healthy living in every aspect, and to be a positive roll model in how people percieve me. It's the thing that I feel I can contribute to this society in order to set a positive example for my onlookers to follow. As in my particular line of work, we are constantly reminded of the greed that surrounds us with bait and switch advertising, shotty workmanship, lack of morals, integrity and those that take advantage of the uninformed (which sadly runs rampid). Our industry has no control. There is no contractors license offered, no recourse for consumers in the event health issues or damage occurring on a job. Consumers are basically at the mercy of the integrity of the company and their leaders to make responsible choices, hold themselves accountable, and to display good workmanship. My goal reaches far beyond the walls of business and "the code of ethics" I agreed to with the Better Business Bureau and into the heart and sole of who we are, what we're capable of, and how we act, that separates us from the greed, power/dominance, and control struggles we face daily. My feeling is that there is a new way of doing business that doesn't promote the bad, and I feel Start Fresh Restoration is living proof. Competition should be good, customers are like family, and everyone in between should be treated like welcomed friends. My hope is that I don't fall short to promote positive energy and spread good will. I strive to to be part of a better society that is thought of across the globe as a society that deserves all that we have and every day grateful to live in the abundance we do. I feel a movement happening in that direction. I see it in my kids, and feel it on the streets. From our shaken economy, maybe we've learned some, and can start to rise above our inadequacies. I belong to the "1% For The Planet" foundation originated by Patagonia's founder Yvon Chouinard a few years back. We pledge 1% of our annual sales to the foundation as a way to give back to the environment for the things we have borrowed."