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Air Duct Cleaning


If anyone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma, respiratory disorders, or sicknesses, it's very possible they are transmitted through contaminants being blown out of your duct work. The dark, still, and often time’s moisture sensitive setting (due to condensation, winter wetness, and humidity) make the ideal condition for the growth of decaying matter that has been hibernating through the seasons. "Out of sight, out of mind" being the case, duct cleaning has often been overlooked as a maintenance priority. However, now educated, we have a good understanding of where our indoor soils come from. Duct cleaning turns out to be one of the most important maintenance needs! Dirt, pollen, smoke, pollution, pet & rodent hair, dust mites, dead insects, rodent droppings, and even dead skin (to name a few) get trapped deep within the system and are allowed to incubate in between cleanings. With changes in the atmosphere, low levels of moisture from condensation, humidity, and winter wetness pass through the system creating the perfect breeding ground for the once harmless spores to become disease causing health hazards leading to a wide range of sickness. For this reason, regular cleaning of your system is recommended by the American Lung Association and other leading experts. We are experts in removal of foreign matter and often times find problems with systems that have been costing consumers hundreds more per month. Count on us to eliminate your dirty duct problems with our HEPA-AIRE Duct Cleaning System.